Non-Extraction Orthodontics

You can have a great smile without having teeth pulled

Straight Teeth - No Extraction

Non-Extraction Orthodontics is the straightening of a person's teeth without extraction or enamel stripping of any permanent teeth. It is an alternative method of treatment that allows a patient to retain all of his or her teeth while having the teeth straightened.

We believe it is not the teeth that are too large; rather it is the jaw that is too small for the teeth. This often results in crowded, or "buck" teeth - something that occurs in far too many children in New Zealand.

Non-Extraction Orthodontics corrects these crowded (or "protrusive") conditions by developing the jaw to accommodate all permanent teeth, thereby eliminating the need for extractions.

Since 1985 Dr Vernon Kruger has been using different methods to develop or to expand the jaw in adults and children, creating sufficient space for beautiful smiles.


Attractive Smiles

When jaws are developed enough to accommodate all of the permanent teeth, a person's smile is enhanced. It becomes wider and more noticeable...often, far more flattering to a person's face. Many of our patients tell us they feel their smile has now become their best feature!


Less Time Wearing Braces

The longer one wears braces, the greater the chances for cavities or tooth scars. Clear aligners now  do all of the work in Non-Extraction Orthodontics, eliminating the need to wear braces. Often, aligners are worn less than a year.


Excellent Retention

Development or expansion of the jawbones is generally considered permanent, as is the growth of any bone. Of course, retainers must be worn regularly, and habits which cause improper dental and jaw development must be eliminated for optimum results.


Four Teeth Can Be Saved

Traditionally, the four premolar teeth are removed before the remaining teeth are straightened. In Non-Extraction Orthodontics, these teeth are not removed. Not only is space developed to accommodate the four premolars, but often, growth is sufficient in post-molar areas to let the wisdom teeth erupt easily if treatment is started early enough. Do not wait until the age of 12 to start treatment as this is a very old fashioned way of doing things. 



Many papers and studies have been done to try and show that extraction orthodontics does not spoil the face. look for yourselves; the next time you meet someone who has had teeth extracted for orthodontic treatment, look to see if they have a narrow smile with unattractive black corridors down the side of their smile. Check their profile to see if it is flat or dished in. Look at their lips and check if they are thin. Most patients notice these negative features yet it seems that many extraction orthodontists can't!


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