In an emergency, please first try the suggestions below, or send us a message on Facebook: 



Please note there may be a $50 call out fee if we need to see you in the practice outside business hours.

If you do not have Facebook, only then text Dr Vernon on 021 223 4959. 


If you have Aligners:

If you lose an Invisalign® aligner or break it, move on to your next set of aligners if you are closer to the changing date. If you have just changed to your new set of aligners or don't have your next set available, go back to the previous ones. We don't want your teeth moving back to their initial position. That's why it is so important to have a set of aligners in at all times. Promptly contact us for information about what to do next.

Invisalign® clear aligners are custom-made for each patient using durable SmartTrack® material. However, clear aligners are not indestructible. If an aligner tray becomes cracked during use, be sure to use extra caution both while removing the tray out from and while reinserting the aligner into your mouth. Unless the Invisalign® tray has split into multiple pieces, patients may use their cracked aligner until it is time to switch trays.

If an attachment come off, please don't panic. Let us know and we will allocate some extra time to get it fixed on your next booked appointment. 

If you have braces:
  • Use wax to cover sharp areas. If this doesn't work use cotton wool or even some tissue paper may work.

  • If a piece of wire is sticking out, try cutting it off with toe nail clippers or small side cutters. Be careful that the wire can't fly down your throat. Only do this if there is no chance of the wire pinging down your throat. Always use a finger over the wire to prevent it flying away. IF IN DOUBT, DON'T

  • If the big inside wire has come out, try pushing it back into the slot that it fits into. If you can't get it back in, try and manage with it as it is until you can see us but if it drives you crazy and you can't get to see us, try pulling the whole thing out (forwards)

  • If a bracket has come loose try and get to us as soon as possible. This is not a life threatening emergency so don't panic!!

  • If you have lost your retainer, you have a problem! Now your teeth are starting to relapse. Try and get one made as soon as possible. Teeth don't seem to relapse over the weekend though, so don't call us out for that OK!! :-)


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