Seminar looking at some philosophies and claims made by orthodontic companies providing solutions to the general dentist. What is feasible, what to look out for and how to get out of a sticky situation should it arise


This is a review of some well-known company’s philosophy from Dr Kruger who was thinking of being a provider of some well-known company’s brackets and has more than 30 years of orthodontic experience. This is not a marketing tool provided by a well-known company’s agent. If you've done a well-known company’s course and are using a well-known company’s brackets and enjoy using them... Good news... You'll get to use it better... Dr Kruger will show you some useful tips and tricks that you can implement in your treatment protocols. 

If you're on the fence about using some well-known company’s appliances then you definitely want to come and see what some well-known company’s systems are able to do and also what they say can't be done. 

If you're thinking about providing orthodontic treatment for your patients in the future then this is the perfect opportunity for you to see what can be done and how easy it is to understand the new philosophies that are emerging in the orthodontic world.  A well-known orthodontist and inventor of some remarkable brackets and also a very knowledgeable and experienced practitioner, has some very interesting ideas that are worth finding out about and will definitely make you think a bit differently about the current ideas in orthodontics.

Finally if you're very experienced in providing quality orthodontic treatment you will have a good opportunity to pick up some useful tips and tricks and be reassured that what you are doing is a good thing. You will definitely be getting more tools to add to your toolbox to treat your cases more efficiently.

The questions and answers forum at the end of the meeting should be very useful for you too. 

Finally this will be a good opportunity for all of us to have a great day catching up with each other, make new friends and strengthen our network of dentists who provide orthodontic treatment. 

​We apologise for being a bit vague as we have been asked not to use some well-known company’s trade mark on the web site.

Saturday 27 October 2018
9:00am – 5:00pm
Venue: Tauranga
Good vehicles also.Especially the turbo ;-)


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