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Our Philosophy

  • NEW!    We use clear aligners for all treatment and no longer need to use metal or ceramic braces!

  • We improve jaw size, jaw position, tooth position, make more tongue space. This improves the airway space which helps to improve the posture resulting in a healthy happy patient

  • Extracting teeth just hides the problem. We should help the body to correct itself

  • We help to grow the jaws and allow the teeth to go where nature intended them to be

  • We like to create beautiful faces without a flat profile or a nose that looks too big

  • Wider smiles look better than narrow smiles that are often caused by tooth extraction

  • We use ultra-light forces to move teeth with the bone and not through it - with little or no pain

  • Experienced well educated dentists can provide treatment equal to that of specialist orthodontists for most patients nowadays.

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Non-Extraction Orthodontics



"Excellent service, superb people working there. Absolutely would not hesitate to recommend Growth Orthodontics to anybody. 10 out of 10 from me and my girls :)"

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